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Airline Flight Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Aircraft
DIS 521 KSMF KPHX 01.42 DIS0002 -115 B737-800
PVA 6167 KSFO EDDF 11.05 DIS0038 -158 B777-200
DIS 1450 KBUF KMCO 02.11 DIS0040 -141 B747-8I
VIR 4233 KBOS KMCO 03.04 DAL0037 -551 B737-800
DIS 211 KLAX KLAS 01.01 DIS0001 -681 A320-200
DIS 9443 KBOS EHEH 06.43 DIS0027 -89 B737-200
DIS 1721 CYYZ CYYR 02.30 DIS0040 -126 B747-8I
WJA 56261 CYZW CYYC 02.27 PVA0026 -132 B737-300
DAL 124 KMCO KBOS 02.26 DIS0042 -620 B737-800
DAL 6851 PHLI PHNL 00.41 DIS0028 -166 B737-200
Current Flights
Airline Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft
DIS521 Sacramento International Airport Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport B737-800
VIR4233 Logan International Airport Orlando International Airport B737-800
VIR4233 Logan International Airport Orlando International Airport B737-800
PVA6167 San Francisco International Airport Frankfurt am Main International Airport B777-200
DIS1724 Orlando International Airport San Antonio International Airport B747-8I

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Recent Greasers
Pilot Aircraft Arrival Field Landing Rate Date Posted
DIS0010 - Tyler ConnellyAirbus Industries A320-200KMCO-1108/04/2017
AFR0013 - George PapBeechcraft 1900dLGSA-2407/03/2017
PVA0026 - Bob MitchellBoeing 737-300 SeriesKSFO-2407/19/2017
DAL0030 - Pierre CastonguayBombardier CRJ900KRDU-2607/29/2017
AFR0013 - George PapAirbus Industries A320-200ZBAA-3207/04/2017


Sunset Showdown - Disney Air G

Sunset Showdown - Disney Air Group Flight

Disney Air will be taking part in the "Sunset Showdown" flying from KRDU to KPHL on August 25th.  There will be ATC coverage provided on the VATSIM network.  Come out and join us while we fly, converse, and promote the Disney Air brand online with VATSIM.  Slots are limited to 25 so get yours now!

Sign Up Now:

Fort Worth I-20 Corridor Poker

Fort Worth I-20 Corridor Poker Run

Join Fort Worth as we host the Interstate 20 Corridor Poker Run on August 20th from 1pm-6pm CST. IFR Traffic is welcome, however, we encourage VFR to increase traffic capacity and your personal event experience. Fly up and down Interstate 20 between our 6 fully staffed airports and make a full stop to collect each one of your 5 cards for your hand! We will give out prizes to people with the top hands at the end of the event. A bonus card to increase your odds of winning will be awarded to your hand if you visit all 5 Stops! 

Stops Featured:

  • Monroe KMLU
  • Shreveport KSHV or Shreveport Downtown KDTN
  • Longview East Texas Regional KGGG
  • Tyler Pounds KTYR
  • Mesquite Metro KHQZ

Event signup required to qualify for prizes.
Signup and FAQ Link:

Payware Prizes: More TBA
TDFi Designs
- (1) TFDi Design 717 
- (1) $30 USD voucher in the TFDi store 

- (2) 30 USD/Euro vouchers to use on any product of your choice

A2A Simulations
- (2) Your choice of any A2A simulations product

Hifi Technologies
- (2) Copies of any Active Sky product of your choice

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July Competition Results

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here are the results from the Disney Air July Indepence Competition.

Only 2 pilots were successful in completing the Independence Tour that took pilots around the United States to visit 13 locations that took their namesake from the independence of our great nation. 


First place with and overall average landing rate of -184 Jason Baker

Second plane with an overall average landing rate of -214 Rick Hirsch


Congratulations to both of you and we look forward to having you and all of our Disney Air pilots entered into the next competition!


Stay Tuned For More!!

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